• 所在地・電話番号

    東京都港区六本木5-17-1 AXISビル B1F, 1F, 2F
    Tel. 1F:03-3587-2784 2F:03-3587-2463/03-3582-2707 (ビブリオファイル) B1F:03-5575-8980

  • Address and telephone number

    5-17-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tel. +81 3 3587-2784

  • 営業時間

    11:00〜19:00(定休日なし) ※夏期休業・年末年始休業などは除く

  • Open Hours

    11:00 - 19:00

  • 地下鉄

    六本木駅 (東京メトロ日比谷線、都営地下鉄大江戸線):3番出口、六本木交差点から外苑東通りを東京タワー方面へ。(徒歩約8分)
    六本木1丁目駅 (東京メトロ南北線):2番出口、飯倉片町交差点右にまがりすぐ。(徒歩約8分)
    麻布十番駅 (東京メトロ南北線、都営地下鉄大江戸線):7番出口、飯倉片町交差点左にまがりすぐ。(徒歩約8分)

  • Subway

    Roppongi Station:(Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line; Toei Subway Oedo Line): Exit number 3. Walk towards Tokyo Tower on Gaien-higashi-dori (street) from the Roppongi intersection. (Approximately 8 min. on foot)
    Roppongi Itchome Station:(Tokyo Metro Namboku Line): Exit number 2. Turn right at Iikura katamachi intersection (Approximately 8 min. on foot)
    Azabu Juban Station:(Tokyo Metro Namboku Line; Toei Subway Oedo Line): Exit number 7. Turn left at Iikura katamachi intersection (Approximately 8 min. on foot)

  • バス

    渋谷駅(東口バスターミナル)より 都01新橋駅行き:六本木下車 / 渋88新橋駅北口行き:六本木五丁目下車

  • Bus

    From Shibuya Station (East Exit Bus Terminal):Toei 01 Shimbashi Station: Get off at Roppongi/
    Shibuya Line 88 Shimbashi Station North Entrance:Get off at Roppongi gochome

  • クルマ


    ビル専用駐車場 (有料)

    営業時間:8:00〜22:00  利用料金:300円/30分  寸法制限:高さ1.55m × 長さ5.70m × 巾2.05m  重量制限:2.2t 以下 リビング・モティーフにて3,000円以上お買い上げのお客様にサービス券を1時間分差し上げます。

  • Car

    Metropolitan Expressway:Iikura exit ramp, Near Iikura katamachi intersection along Gaien-dori (street)

    AXIS Building parking (paid)

    The AXIS Building 1F parking facility is an underground space that will protect your car from the wind, rain and ultraviolet rays. Parking fee is 300 yen per 30 minutes. The parking facility is easy to use and enables a worry-free shopping or dining experience.
    Hours: 8:00 - 22:00
    Parking fee: 300 yen / 30 minutes  Vehicle size limit: no larger than 1.55 meters high, 5.70 meters long, and 2.05 meters wide  Vehicle weight limit: no heavier than 2.2 tons
    We will give you 1hour parking ticket for over 3,000yen purchase. Present the LIVING MOTIF members card when making a purchase. You will be given a 2hour parking ticket. (AXIS parking only)